Defending Czech high school student’s rights and making their voice heard since 2013, we promote student-centered learning and modernization of the Czech educational system. Through organizing projects and events, we encourage active citizenship & youth participation.

General Assemblies

Taking place twice a year

Roundtables in the Parliament

Roundtables in the Parliament

On education policy in cooperation with members of the parliament

Fostering active school student councils

Through training and networking sessions

Workshops for high school students

Discussing the education system & its issues

years of defending students' interests
students we represent
projects & events
general assemblies

Czech High School Students Union is a student-led NGO that represents more than 25,000 high school students across the Czech Republic. We make the student voice heard towards policy makers, media and the public. Promoting youth participation and active citizenship, we organize events (training sessions for school council leaders, roundtables on educational policy in the Czech Parliament, discussions with education experts & influencers…). Each year, our efforts culminate in two general assemblies for 100+ young people, where our goals are set, agenda for next 6 months is discussed, and board members elected. Through the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU), we co-operate with student organisations across Europe, and we are also a member of the Czech Council of Children and Youth (CRDM).

Founded in 2013 by enthusiastic high schoolers who felt that Czech Republic lacks a student representation, CSU has achieved a lot during the four years of existence. We successfully negotiated an ammendment of the law that strenghtens the position of school student councils. We foster active school student councils and organize training & networking sessions for their leaders.

Following the restrictive school policy issued by the Ministry of Education in 2016, we wrote and open letter to the minister, which was quickly signed by more than 6,000 students. Subsequent negotiations resulted to the policy not being applied in high schools.

One of our top priorities is the modernization of Czech school system. In this respect, we collaborate with the Ministry of Education on numerous matters. In 2016, we presented our biggest campaign yet, entitled “High School Revolution”, which defines 9 areas that need changing in the education system, and the Ministry voiced their support for most of them.

Our focus at the beginning in 2017 is implementing student evaluation of teachers in Czech high schools, and development of the “High School Revolution” campaign.

Download our Statutes in English. (please note that only the Czech version is legally binding and guaranteed to be up to date)

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