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The team helps to run the organisation, organises events, takes care of the membership and delegate base, prepares materials for opinions, and much more. But above all, it is a community full of inspiring and great people from all over the country. 

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Get Your Student Council Goin'

With the project – Get Your Student Council Goin’ – you can stand at the birth of many new student councils. As part of this working group, you will be in charge of communication with people who have extensive experience in the functioning of school governments and those who have no experience but want to set up a parliament or council. You will participate in the creation of the methodology, visit different secondary schools and become a link between all these groups. 


Do you enjoy social networks, communication and promotion? The content of your work will be posting about daily happening in ČSU, promoting our events online or offline at our stands that we have at various events throughout the year. Working in the public relations group is time-flexible – it will be very much about you being active and initiative. 

In this group, you can also try out very diverse activities such as graphics, proofreading, creating newsletters, or even editing.

Delegates and Members

If you want to keep in touch with our members and delegates, this is the group for you. Within this group, you can give our members all news and important information regarding the direction of ČSU, or you can help and advise student councils with their functioning through the creation of brochures etc., or directly by contacting a specific student parliament. Whether you want to be seen in communication, or you want to help in private, there is sure to be a perfect task for you! 

Analytical Group

Educational policy is an integral part of ČSU’s work. That is why a new working group was created, dealing with events in our country and the world. Members of this group will research foreign inspirations, develop arguments, lobby, or prepare statements. The possibilities are endless. We will share positive and negative practices with ČSU members and supporters, advise student governments or create guidelines for situations that may arise at the school, whether it is council or student related. We welcome anyone who would like to devote more time to education and teaching. 

General Assembly

The traditional general assembly involves a lot of preparation, so we are looking for someone to help us with its organisation. The program will include creating the content of the general assembly, communicating with guests, delegates and members and ensuring that the entire event will be beneficial and run smoothly! Join this working group, and help us organise an unforgettable event! 

Weekend of School Student Councils

The Weekend of School Student Councils (VSS) is a three-day event full of workshops, lectures, debates and getting to know secondary students from all over the Czech Republic. The main goal of VSS is to teach how to lead a student government (school parliament or council) as best as possible, but we will start from the very beginning – how to establish it? How to activate classmates? What to do for an activity? You will find answers to all your questions; other students will inspire you to lead governments. In addition, you may find out how to start a school magazine or write a press release, thus spreading awareness of the local government in the media! 

Foreign Affairs

Communication with other secondary school unions of the world, informing about international campaigns and petition movements or arranging foreign grants. The Foreign Affairs working group handles everything else that concerns the Union and comes from beyond our borders. This group also takes care of all cooperation with OBESSU, an organisation uniting student unions and associations across Europe. In practice, this means delegating participants to general assemblies, workshops and lectures, galas and field visits.


Finance and Fundraising

Do you enjoy working with finances? Do you want to experience what it is like to create a budget for a non-profit organisation? Or would you rather be interested in communication with donors and sponsors? If you say yes, the working group Finance and Fundraising is precisely for you! Although some may find these activities boring, we know it does not have to be that way at all! And it is thanks to them that the entire Union can function and run as it should. So there is always more than enough work, and there is definitely something for you too!


01110011 Do you enjoy technology and are you more of a technical type? 01110100 01100001 Do you enjoy creating and improving websites or looking for new applications and programs to make our work more efficient? 01110010 We work with the WordPress system, so the experience is valuable but not a requirement. 01100011 01110010 01100001 We will be happy to teach you everything! 01100110 01110100 Join the IT team!

ČSU has become a second family for me. I learned how to lead a team, communicate with MPs and lobby for what is right. At the same time, I gained many friends and a great feeling that I am changing Czech education, which undoubtedly deserves a change.

Petr Horký

From writing press releases and closing reports to moderating interviews and co-creating an international campaign - I still do not know how I would have learned these things other than joining the team. ČSU opened the door to the world of engaged secondary students and led me to projects and activities I would not have discovered on my own. Not to mention that I have met the best bunch of people in the whole wide world thanks to ČSU.

Petr Franc

When I joined the ČSU more than a year ago, I had no idea how enriching this experience would be for me. I got the chance to try things I probably wouldn't have tried elsewhere and found new areas of interest. In addition, I have also made new friends who are just as passionate about changing education as I am!

Kateřina Rusnoková

ČSU gave me a lot of experience and opportunities to learn new things. In addition, I met a community of great people who are not afraid to try new things. I have been a member of ČSU for over a year; I got to know online work, communicate with deputies, and experts, organisation of significant events, and team management, and I even got the opportunity to become the voice of the crowd.

Klára Jenčová

ČSU is a lifetime opportunity. And I'm glad I was not afraid to use it. ČSU opens up endless possibilities for self-realisation to an ordinary secondary student. And above all, the bunch of wonderful, friendly and inspiring people, now my close friends. Joining ČSU was my best decision this year.

Radim Sitař