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What awaits you in the Czech Secondary Students’ School Union?

We promote and defend the interests of secondary school students. If you want to change not only your education but also the education of others, join us! In addition, you will get the opportunity to participate in various projects and campaigns with us or to come up with your own!

You can read more about our goals and how we want to achieve them on the page About us.


Every secondary school student can become a member, regardless of whether or not they hold a position in any student parliament within their school. Member has the right to act within all bodies of the association, can participate in the implementation of all projects, and, together with others, recommend our further direction. If you register, we can better promote our interests, for example, during discussions about matriculation exams or entrance exams! Signing up takes less than two minutes, and you get a lot of benefits.


A delegate differs from an ordinary member in that delegate has the right to vote and thus can elect the supervisory board and the presidency and determine our direction in the general assemblies. To become one, you just need to register as a member, get a credential from the student parliament that operates at your school, and fill out a simple form through a link on the website. Your school will then have representation in ČSU, and its students will influence the association’s activities through your mandate.!

Team Member

We are looking for communicative people in the team who are not afraid to work flexibly, accept challenges, and learn quickly. We have all started at some point, so if you don’t have much experience, that’s okay! There is no one above us to tell us what to do and how to do it; we do it ourselves which is why we appreciate your help. We decided not to limit you with pre-made cages and length limits. We leave the whole application entirely up to you.