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Student parliaments
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Become a delegate

We need delegates to make our activity credible and legitimate. Become one of them and represent your school and its students in ČSU. 

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We will help you with the parliament or student council.

ČSU will help you manage your parliament – we offer exceptional support, tips, and various events. We will provide you with debates with exclusive guests and exciting projects or offer advice and tricks on how to bring your parliament to perfection. In addition, we organise meetings with members of students councils or parliaments, with whom you can plan out joint projects or exchange your own experiences. We complement everything with our own and external workshops.

ČSU represents secondary students in the Czech Republic, so the voice of your student council will be heard on a state level. Change education for the better, and give your classmates representation in the highest places. Together we can change graduation exams or improve teaching!

Exemplary Student Council

We have written a booklet on setting up and running student councils based on our experience!

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